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Male Escorting

There is nothing in straight male escorts that you won't like as a woman. Some of them are blessed with hot bodies, handsomeness, intelligent and good sense of humor. Most women that have hired from straight Moon male escort service have testified to the satisfaction they derived from doing so. Some went a step ahead to write online reviews about their experiences. If there is no man in your life and you think you need one, it is recommended that you find a good male escort service like us.

Female Escorting

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Erotic Massaging

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Services To Unsatisfied's

Both men and women are lustful where it hard to satisfy women more than men. Survey and statics states that most of the women in the universe are unsatisfied. The major reason must be impotent men are increasing day by day due to their bad habits. Moon male escort club agents are in-serach of strong men throghout this globe to satisfy the unsatisfied's. These women are registered across the cities of India and they dying for sex. Its the duty of our female agents to take care of their safety and security as well.

Male Escorts need to be at least 21 years old, they usually have professional occupations. Not all must be working as a male model. All male escorts must be very well-traveled, cultured, educated and most importantly, be very proficient in making a woman feel safe and relaxed. Male Escorts need to be very attractive, dedicated to a top level of fitness, presentable, well-groomed, stylish, charming and desirable. Cowboys need to be confident but not arrogant, yet savvy. All male companions need to be emotionally mature, stable and possess a genuine respect for women. Unfortunately there is a social stigma that male escort employment is providing a sexual service. The most important aspects of providing quality companionship are often ignored. At Moon Male Escort Club(MMEC) we pride ourselves in providing our clients with undivided attention and engaging in intelligent often witty conversations. Moon Escorts does not sell sex. We sell our male escorts time to provide companionship and protection for our clients. If something does happen between the client and the male escort employee, it would purely be a personal and mutual consent between two adults. Moon Escorts does not accept any accountability in this regard. Do not send us nude photos! It is also required to have professional photos to work at Moon Male Escort Club(MMEC) so if you do not have them there is a 99.9% chance we will not respond to you.

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